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ďThis is my story. I suffered from severe pain and arthritis in my knee for many years. My knee pain was so severe that I had to seek medical attention. I heard about the D.W. Adcock Orthopedic Clinic from my sister and I called for an appointment. Thatís when I met Dr. Saurabh Khakharia. I liked him from the start. Dr. Khakharia examined my knee and did the necessary investigations. He suggested a total knee replacement for the amount of arthritis in my knees. He explained the whole process to me before surgery.

He and his staff treated me as if I were the only patient and made sure I had proper care. I was completely satisfied. Now, its six weeks after surgery and the pain is gone.

He successfully performed a total knee replacement on me. I havenít had a bit of trouble nor have I needed my cane. I would highly recommend anyone to Dr.Khakharia and the D.W. Adcock Orthopedic Clinic.

ďThis is my story. Iíve suffered with pain so awful that I couldnít sleep in a bed. Normally, wherever I found comfort is where I slept the night.

My doctor referred me to the D.W. Adcock Orthopedic Clinic in Moultrie where I met Dr. Saurabh Khakharia. He did the necessary tests and found tears in my rotator cuff, bone spurs and impingement in my shoulder. He discussed a treatment plan with me and it included surgery.

At first, I was apprehensive but then he explained the process and helped me understand that it was an appropriate plan to correct my problem. I had previously read about Dr. Khakharia and felt at ease with his experience in orthopedics, so I agreed to proceed.

Now, two weeks after surgery, I feel miraculous! I visit Colquitt Regional Rehabilitation Services for my therapy and Iím sleeping soundly in a bed once again! Iím thankful for the compassionate care I received from Dr. Khakharia and CRMC. Everyone has been wonderful and Iím glad to be living pain free.Ē

I was having severe shoulder pain so I came to see Dr. Khakharia. When nothing else worked he told me I was going to need surgery. I was very scared when this was said but Dr. Khakharia told me everything was going to be ok. After the surgery I was amazed that he called me in the hospital and when I went home just to check to make sure I was doing fine.

I am 3 weeks post op and I have full rotation and am recovering wonderfully. I would recommended Dr. Khakharia to anyone who needed orthopedic help. 6

ďThis is my story. Iíve suffered with rheumatoid arthritis in my knees for many years and lived with the discomfort. Some time ago, I fell and knew something was wrong but thought over-the-counter braces would suffice. With no relief, my doctor referred me to the D.W. Adcock Orthopedic Clinic in Moultrie. I met Dr. Khakharia and he reviewed my MRI and explained to me that I had a meniscal tear along with the arthritis in my knee.

He explained to me that surgery was needed to correct my problem and could help me by doing arthroscopy of my knee in a minimally invasive fashion. He explained the entire process prior to surgery. I had much confidence in him by the day of surgery.

He was very caring before, during and even after surgery. Iíve never had a physician to call me at home, but Dr. Khakharia did. Now three weeks after surgery, it is unreal the difference I feel in my knee. It is amazing. I couldnít have asked for a better experience with Dr. Khakharia and Colquitt Regional Medical Center.Ē

I fell and hurt my right knee and was looking for an orthopedic doctor and was kind of skeptical at first because Dr.Khakharia was new to town. I knew he went to school in Richmond Virginia so that gave me a good feeling and knew the school well. When I came and talked with him I knew I could put full trust in him.

We opted for the surgery and everything went very well. Dr. Khakharia had wonderful bedside manners and is more like a friend to me than a doctor. I would recommend anyone to come see him.

A friend and I were moving concert pieces when he let one side go. I heard something pop in the left shoulder and decided I needed to see a doctor. My primary care physician told me I needed to see an orthopedic surgeon so my wife had remembered seeing an article about a new doctor so we tried it out. When I first came to see Dr. Khakharia I could hardly move my arm at all. He told me I would need a shoulder arthroscopy.

After the surgery everything has gone great. I have full rotation in my shoulder now and feel 100% better. Every time I came in the office it was a wonderful experience. Dr. Khakharia is a wonder surgeon and doctor and I would refer anyone to him.

"While on the golf course, I heard about Dr. Khakharia and his impressive fellowships. He performed my total shoulder replacement and I couldn't be happier with the results! His extensive education shows through in the quality and thoroughness of his work plus he cares for his patients as if he is caring for his own family member."

My name is Jessica Howell. I came to see Dr. Khakharia office with horrible hip pain. I saw multiple doctors for hip pain and no one was able to diagnose me. It was Dr.Khakharia who diagnosed me with hip impingment and labral tear.

He performed left Hip Arthroscopy for impingment and labral tear and repaired the labral tear in my hip joint , just with arthroscopy/minimally invasive. I am very very pleased and happy with the result. I have No pain. Afetr care was wonderful by him.I have had other surgeries before and never had after care. He came to my room and called me to make sure that i am doing fine. I am walking pain free and now i can actually sleep at night and on top of this my scar is almost invisible/completely gone.I will definately recommend Dr.Khakahria to anyone who has hip pain.
Thank you.

No one wants to have surgery but when I fell in November of 2010 and broke my right wrist I needed surgery. Dr.Khakharia was my surgeon and I must say my surgery went well. Dr.Khakharia is most concerned about your wellbeing. He has great bedside manners and is very nice. He is very friendly in his office and takes time to answer any and all questions. I am glad he came to practice here in Moultrie and would recommend anyone to him.

My name is Homer Spells and I was staying in Magnolia Manor Assisted Living when I fell and hurt my hip. I saw Dr. Khakharia and he did my partial hip replacement. Dr. Khakharia did an excellent job and has wonderful bedside manners. He was very particular about everything which proved to be icing on the cake as far as my health was concerned. I can now use a walker and I can finally walk again without pain. I thank the Lord for Dr. Khakharia.

Annette Johnson's Bera Jackson Carol Stricklands Enda Agnes

I was referred to Dr.Khakharia by my primary care physician for right knee pain. We did everything we could before coming to the conclusion I needed surgery. After the surgery he called to check and came to see me which was very nice of him. He is a caring, understanding and pleasant doctor and I am very thankful for him.

Inez Radfords Leon Johnson's Marion Barbers Richard Colomoy's

My name is Edna Agnes; I was suffering with pain in my right shoulder and arm. I had x-rays and medications but it did not work. I was sent for an MRI and it showed a torn tendon so Dr. Khakharia sat me down and explained that I had excess arthritis and some degenerative joint disease. Soon after I was told I needed surgery. He is the only doctor I have ever had to call me and home before and after the surgery. Two weeks after the surgery I have hardly any pain and I am able to get back to the old me. I am very thankful to Dr. Khakharia and would refer him to friends and family. Thank you again for giving me my right arm back.

Thelma weeks Tonita Demott Sybil Hancock Mattie Bonner

I fell at home on November 27, 2010; the ambulance took me to CRMC where Dr.Khakharia was on call. He ordered x-rays and found out my hip was broken. He informed me and my family I needed surgery and admitted me to the hospital. After the surgery he came and spoke with my family and told them what care I would need. When we came into the office he was smiling and friendly also very concerned with my progress. My hip has healed very well all thanks to Dr.Khakharia, I would recommend him to anyone having problems.

Loretta Wallace Julia Dickinson Johnie Johnson Betty Brown

Jessica Howell Lila Haynes Douglas Strange Lefaie Bryant

Mary Jane Walker J.L. (Bob) Foster


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